Faith communities are key to reforming societies. From their role in the American Civil Rights and Abolition movements to modern day, houses of worship have served as America's moral backbone in tough times. Faith leaders and the faithful alike have an important role to ensure #DebtFreeJustice.
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We need your entire community to make a difference. When we hear from Louisiana families, we hear overwhelming support for #DebtFreeJustice. Your neighbors need to hear from you about why eliminating juvenile fines and fees will allow families like yours to spend their resources on what matters most- investing in their children's futures! 
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Staying informed and sharing information with your networks on the fight for #DebtFreeJustice is invaluable. You can follow our work form the comfort of your inbox and your social media accounts. 
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You are a trusted voice within your community. Members of your nether are looking to you as a trusted validator. Keep up with the latest from our campaign by following our social media presence. 
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